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Welcome to (Nobacc LTD --Member of MOD Tech), Now you can shopp for E Cigatette with high quality and low price directly from our E Cigatette manufacturer, with wide range of products including eGO-CeGO-WeGO-T,  510-TE liquidAtomizerBattery.    Why order from us?
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    EVOD Plus clearomizer has the same bottom coil(BCC) heating system, same ego threading, same clearomizer and great performance as CE4 , CE5 clearomizer. But It is Straight tubular shape, more fashionable style and new arrival for your choice!  Changeable atomizer heat, more economical!

    Starter Kits

    Nobacco Cigarette Starter Kits are exactly what you are looking for if you are ready to make the jump to the vaping lifestyle, or maybe you are looking for a better kit with better engineering for superior performance and safety.

    eGO CE4 Blister kit Plus Clearomizer
    $19.99  $12.99
    Save: 35% off

    DIY kits

     E-Cigarette is an electronic smoking device. It is completely safe product that is made of sophisticated micro-electronic technology to provide users a real smoking experience without the tobacco and tar found in conventional cigarettes.
     It looks like an ordinary cigarette, has the same taste and smell but this is truly a healthier alternative. It is the future of smoking.


    1.No cotton,no burned taste,2.Needle-type atomizer,3.No leakage bottom,4.Length:42.5mm Dia:14mm
     Standard atomizer:2.2ohm
     LR atomizer:1.8ohm

    Atomizer is he most important part of E cigarette,The stand or fall of atomizer decided to the quantity of smoke,we offer the best Atomizer,larger smoke,durability,Like eGO-C atomizer,CE4 atomizer.

    CE4 Transparent Clearomizer
    $5.05  $3.65
    Save: 28% off

    Vivi Nova V2 clearomizer 2ML Capacity
    $8.50  $5.60
    Save: 34% off

    Batteries & Chargers